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Meet Our Doctors

Centennial Chiropractor Dr. Andrew Hicks

Meet Dr. Andrew Hicks

With a mother who was a MD, Dr. Hicks grew up surrounded by the medical field. He thought that would be his path for some time before realizing there might be an alternative that wasn’t as focused on giving out prescriptions.

Dr. Hicks studied Exercise Science and Kinesiology during his undergraduate years. He then attended Life Chiropractic College West in Northern California where he graduated magna cum laude with his Doctor of Chiropractic.



Meet Dr. Anthony Bos

I became a doctor to help others stay active as much as possible. During my high school sports career, I was injured a few times, and chiropractic helped me get back in the game.

For Dr. Bos, it’s essential to treat patients the way he would want to be treated and in the manner he feels is best for each patient. Preferring a natural approach to health care, he has always believed that a person’s body knows how to heal itself and just needs the best opportunity to do so.