Dr. Andrew Hicks

Experience holistic healing with Dr. Andrew Hicks

Dr. Andrew Hicks

Experience holistic healing with Dr. Andrew Hicks

Meet Dr. Andrew Hicks

Changing From the Medical Model to Chiropractic

With a mother who was a MD, Dr. Hicks grew up surrounded by the medical field. He thought that would be his path for some time before realizing there might be an alternative that was focused on fixing the underlying problem not just the symptoms.

“ I wanted something more life-changing. That’s what drove me toward chiropractic.
I liked the idea of fixing the underlying problem as opposed to putting a bandage on it. ”

Learning to Provide Effective Healing

Dr. Hicks studied Exercise Science and Kinesiology during his undergraduate years. He then attended Life Chiropractic College West in Northern California where he graduated magna cum laude with his Doctor of Chiropractic.

After learning many different techniques, Dr. Hicks developed a corrective approach to care that involves treating the entire spine and restoring its proper curves to improve his patients’ health. Upon graduation, he worked first at an internship in California before moving onto a multidisciplinary practice in Arizona, where he is from. There, Dr. Hicks learned how to collaborate with other professionals to give patients the greatest benefit.

Since then, he’s received advanced training and/or certification in Osteoporosis Management, Fibromyalgia, degenerative arthritis management, and disc herniations among other conditions.

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Being a Part of the Highlands Ranch Community

When Dr. Hicks and his wife were deciding where to raise their young family, the Denver area stood out as a beautiful place that would enable them to enjoy the great outdoors together. Their children are full of energy and keep them busy outside of the office. They love going to the mountains, lakes, and area parks.

Dr. Hicks is a member of the nonprofit organization Doctors for Health and Wellness, donating community service hours by doing presentations for local businesses or speaking at community events.

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Dr. Andrew Hicks

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