About Us

Our team is dedicated to enhancing your health naturally, with a personal touch on every visit.

About Us

Our team is dedicated to enhancing your health naturally, with a personal touch on every visit.

About Highlands Family Chiropractic

For over a decade, Dr. Andrew Hicks has provided natural care to improve the lives of his patients. His chiropractic care is based on locating the source of your problems. Then he works to correct them.

Planting Roots in Highlands Ranch

As Highlands Family Chiropractic’s third owner, Dr. Hicks took over in 2015. He and his wife decided to relocate to our beautiful community as they’ve always loved Colorado and the Denver area in particular. “As Colorado is one of the healthiest states, people really make their well-being a priority,” said Amy Hicks.

Offering a Suite of Solutions

In our chiropractic care center, we offer the following services:

  • Auto accident injury care
  • Nutrition
  • Sports injury care
  • Pediatric chiropractic care
  • Personal injury care
  • Weight loss

We see patients across the spectrum, from young children to working professionals, active seniors, and veterans who seek our help to optimize their health and lives.


Our chiropractors use 300+ publications for evidence-based care, ensuring proven techniques in research-based treatments.


Specializing in Chiropractic Biophysics, we optimize spinal alignment for lasting relief, complemented by nutrition counseling for holistic well-being.


Experience natural, non-invasive relief with our proven spinal alignment methods and decompression therapy for spinal disc issues.

Dr. Hicks practices evidence-based chiropractic care that is backed by substantial research revealing the results many people have achieved. Our care plans have a beginning and end to them. We seek to fix the underlying cause of dysfunction instead of just masking your symptoms.

Meet Dr. Andrew Hicks

Our Practice Philosophy

To provide the community and their families an opportunity to heal our bodies from the inside out.

One of our many Success Stories

One patient came in with neck pain. In addition to relieving her neck pain, she discovered to her surprise many positive “side effects.” These include improved sleep, better energy and more. She even kept a journal detailing all the conditions that improved due to chiropractic care!

She’s one of many patients who have experienced improvements in their health.

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