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As part of our holistic approach to patients’ care, Highlands Family Chiropractic offers an array of supplements to address various health concerns. We use the XYMOGEN® brand (the SynovX® line) that has many uses, including anti-inflammatory control, support for ligaments and tendons, support for degenerative arthritis, neuromuscular relaxation, and joint support for overweight patients.

Which Ones Are Best for My Needs?

We take a combination of the patient’s unique presentation. For example,

  •  Are they older or younger?
  •  Are they heavier or lighter?
  •  What is their end goal?
  •  Are they looking for joint support or repair?

Based on the patient’s response, we will consider the five lines and determine which one(s) will provide the best relief or outcome for their presentation.

For example, an older patient may need degenerative support. A younger athletic patient may need ligament and tendon support to promote their athletic activities. That’s how we factor in the different lines which would be the most appropriate for the patient.

Once we determine which supplements are right for your needs, you can purchase them in the office. When it’s time to reorder, you can get them refilled online and drop-shipped to your home.

The Five SynovX Lines We Carry

Here are the lines that we’ve chosen to feature in the practice based on our patients’ needs:


This cutting-edge option is for those who can benefit from joint support related to excess body fat.

Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)

This formula contains vital joint building blocks and other nutrients that work together to nourish joint tissues and keep the joints healthy.

Tendon & Ligament

This advanced formula is designed to increase tendon/ligament comfort and boost recovery. The formula supports the health, stability, and production of tendon and ligament cells.


This supplement is formulated to help relax tight/spastic muscles and alleviate occasional discomfort from overworked muscles. It features botanical extracts traditionally used to calm nerves and muscles and address occasional sleeplessness, plus minerals to support healthy muscular contraction and foster relaxation.


This breakthrough formula is beneficial for active adults who don’t want to slow down or reduce their ability to perform athletic tasks-from walking to extreme sports.

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