Thinking of Weight Loss Surgery? Read This First

Published on December 18, 2023

At Highlands Family Chiropractic we care about more than just your spinal health—we want our patients to achieve their whole-body health goals. For some, that includes weight loss, but many aren’t sure how to go about it in a successful way. Our Centennial Weight loss center is the perfect program for you.

Before you consider weight loss surgery, here’s something that can benefit you!

All About Ideal Protein

Developed more than two decades ago, Ideal Protein is designed with you in mind. So, how does it work? In short Ideal Protein invites your body to live off of stored fat, but maintains muscle mass. Here’s what you can expect from the program:

  • Structured weight loss
  • A better understanding of your body and how fat is stored
  • Weekly health coaching
  • Improved health and wellness, as well as lower weight

At Highlands Family Chiropractic, we’re proud to now offer support through the Ideal Protein system! In fact, our current dieters are losing between 3-7 pounds each week. Best of all, the Ideal Protein system is a natural approach to weight loss that doesn’t involve added chemicals that can cause harm to your body.

If you’ve been a “yo-yo” dieter in the past and have trouble keeping weight off after losing it, we’d like you to know that many have found success with the Ideal Protein system. As your body is losing stored fat while in ketosis, you’ll leave the program with new, long-lasting habits in place.

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