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Highlands Family Chiropractic Center
Patient Reviews

Check out what others have to say about their experience with Highlands Family Chiropractic Center. Review a selection of our patient success stories below. Please email us or contact our office if you would like to hear about specific cases and conditions.

Christa’s Testimonial

Kathryn’s Testimonial

Judy’s Testimonial

Steve’s Testimonial

Debbie’s Testimonial


Feeling So Much Better

Dr. Hicks is very attentive and does not try to rush you. You will truly feel as though you are “cared” for here. Between the Ideal Protein weight loss and the chiropractic care we desperately needed, we are both feeling SO much better, and able to keep up with our 10 month old baby, pain free.

-Stacy M.


Since I’ve gone to Dr. Hicks, my neck and lower back issues have improved greatly. I’m now doing monthly maintenance care which helps keep me on target. I’ve been able to increase my activity and I’m so grateful for the improvement in my health!!

-Barbara C.

No More Pain!

Visits to Dr. Hicks have completely taken the pain I was experiencing in my tail bone away!

-Carly L.


Professional and Friendly

I firmly believe in good chiropractic care. Dr. Hicks provides me with regular adjustments that keep my back and posture in alignment which is key to preventing problems in the long term. He is professional, friendly and knows his profession.

-Paul W.

Great Experience

My first visit was a great experience, pleasant and no pressure what so ever. My adjustment and the roller table eased the pain I had been experiencing for the past few weeks immediately. Much appreciated, I will return in the future.

-Jerry B.


Dr. Hicks was AMAZING! So looking forward to a long term health care relationship with him and his staff… as they put me back on a healthy road to recovery! So attentive, patient and knowledgeable!

-Cynthia H.


I Highly Recommend Him!

Dr. Hicks is friendly and knowledgeable, and I’ve been very pleased with his attentiveness and skill in taking care of my individual needs. I highly recommend him! His office assistant, Charlotte, is wonderful too. I look forward to my visits there!

-Patty K.