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Centennial Massage Therapy

Woman receiving a therapeutic massageIf you’re experiencing long-standing spinal problems, the chances are good that the muscles of your body have been affected. Spasm, scar tissue and other soft tissue concerns are common and can be addressed by adding massage to your chiropractic care at Highlands Family Chiropractic Center.

Chiropractic focuses on your spine and nervous system, while massage concentrates on the body’s 650 muscles. When combined, these natural solutions work hand in hand to keep your body in proper alignment with the greatest possible function.

The Many Benefits of Centennial Massage Therapy

There are numerous types of massage. All involve optimizing your function by working with the muscles and soft tissues of the body. Massage therapy may:

  • Ease gas, constipation, and heartburn
  • Eliminate fluid retention
  • Improve posture
  • Stimulate intestinal movement
  • Promote relaxation
  • Rebalance body and mind
  • Reduce muscular patterns
  • Relieve joint and muscle pain

Massage FAQ

Where will I receive my massage?

You’ll be welcomed into a quiet, warm room at our practice. A soft, comfortable table is used for massages, with low lighting and relaxing music playing softly. It’ll be the perfect atmosphere to relax your mind and body!

What do I wear to a massage session?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing. Therapeutic massage, however, is usually performed while you are mostly unclothed, but appropriately draped. Some undress completely, while others prefer to leave underwear on. You can decide what’s comfortable for you and feel confident that your privacy is always respected.

What does massage feel like?

Since there are many types of massage, there are different feelings involved depending on which techniques are used for you. Generally, we’ll start off with broader strokes to relax you, then concentrate on more specific areas with greater pressure used. If you’re getting trigger point therapy or deep tissue massage, more intense pressure will be applied. Rest assured that we always work within your level of comfort and welcome your feedback during the session.

Will I feel sore afterward?

Some people report feeling tender in certain places the following day. It will depend on the type of massage you receive and the pressure used. We recommend that you drink additional water after your massage, which may help reduce any symptoms.

Schedule your time to relax and disconnect from the stresses of the world. We look forward to welcoming you!

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