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Auto Accidents & Personal Injury
Care in Centennial

Don’t Delay Getting Help

Man holding his neck in pain after car accidentA car accident can negatively impact your life, health, and well being. Whether it be a fender bender or something more serious, there will likely be a disruption to your daily living.

After the recovery from the immediate injury, there are often less obvious injuries that may disrupt your overall health.

With 10 years of experience offering auto accident and personal injury care to Centennial residents, Dr. Hicks has the knowledge and experience to get you back to doing the things you enjoy.

Centennial Auto Accidents & Personal Injury Care FAQs

Why do I have pain in my arms and hands?

Because the nerves to the arms and hands exit the spine through the injured area of the neck, numbness and tingling are common. Even lower back pain can result directly from the trauma, or as a reaction to the loss of proper spinal curves.

Why did my headaches start more than a week after my accident?

Whether you’ve been in an accident, stressed at work, or over-exerted yourself in the garden, your body is constantly adapting to the environment. When your capacity to adapt is exhausted, symptoms can appear. This can take days, weeks, months or years to occur.

Will I ever be normal again?

Many chiropractic practice members report improved spinal function and a reduction of their symptoms. Those who delay seeking appropriate care often discover that scar tissue and long-standing spinal instability increases the recovery period.

Department of Transportation Examinations

DOT PhysicalsDr. Hicks is nationally certified and registered to provide DOT physical exams for Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) drivers. With comprehensive knowledge of the regulations and rules involved, we’ll get you in and out of the office quickly.

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